The mythical unstructured data!

As semantic web and big data integration gaining its fus-ro-dah, enterprises are finding a way to harness any available form of information swarming the web and the world

I came across some interesting artcles which gives a concise idea of harnessing metadata from unstructured data....

Lee Dallas says

In some respects it is analogous to hieroglyphics where pictographs carry abstract meaning.  The data may not be easily interpretable by machines but document recognition and capture technologies improve daily. The fact that an error rate still exists in recognition does not mean that the content lacks structure.  Simply that the form it takes is too complex for simple processes to understand.

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A lot of data growth is happening around these so-called unstructured data types. Enterprises which manage to automate the collection, organization and analysis of these data types, will derive competitive advantage.
Every data element does mean something, though what it means may not always be relevant for you.

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